The Academy has established the most comprehensive and demanding advanced program in equine dentistry. Our goal is to provide advanced students with a strong foundation in all aspects of equine dentistry and an endorsement of achievement and recommendation for certification with the International Association of Equine Dentistry and references in the field.


Prior to enrollment for D-400 level, student must have a solid understanding of all material presented in the 100-300 level classes.


    Requirements for D-400 Level:

    - Completion of 100-300 level courses

    - Completion of 100 Anatomy course
    - Completion of a minimum of 80 hours (or 10 days) working with an Academy Certified Equine Dental Technician - does not have to be undertaken in one block.

- Notice to the Office of Intent to Enroll for D-400 by Letter, Phone, or Email with a deposit fee of $150.00.

- Acceptance letter from the Academy granting permission to attend D-400 at a given class.

- Signed Letter of Assessment of Competence from an Academy Certified Equine Dental Technician in good standing stating he/she believes you are ready to attempt certification.

- Signed letters of competence and good practice from two veterinarians.

-Minimum of 25 documented case histories of incisor realignment - copies only - Post PG-2 level dental courses - including names, addresses and phone numbers.
-Minimum of 100 documented case histories - copies only - Post PG-2 level dental courses - including names, addresses and phone numbers
-Satisfactory completion of the written and practical examinations  

Documents should be in the Academy office on or before first day of class!

Upon successful completion of D-400, student will receive an Endorsement from the Academy and has the option of attempting certification with the IAED. Student must attend continuing education courses every 18 months to maintain endorsement status. Technicians failing to meet this requirement jeopardize that recognition by the Academy.

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